Tim Brennan was the ninth coach in the history of Bishop Kelly High, and his “era” ran from 1992 to 2006. The Knights were 126-34-0 during that timeframe. We are looking for photographs, film, audio tapes, and any other items from this era to add to this website. Please contact editor@BKfootball.com



3RD & 47 - 2005 SEASON


Remember the Titans coach? We’re talking about the head coach of the West Mifflin (PA) Titans, Tim Brennan ('77), who recently concluded his first season in the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League. Brennan, who was head man at BK from 1992-2006, was offered the WM job about 3 minutes after his plane landed in Pittsburgh last December. A .788 winning percentage and 25 game winning streak will do that. He inherited a young squad coming off a bumpy 3-6 season.

There are 1100 students in grades 9-12 at West Mifflin. They compete in the Big Seven Conference of Class AAA, the second highest level of Pennsylvania prep football. Brennan's team finished with a 3-6 record overall, 2-4 in conference, just one win from qualifying for the playoffs. The top team in the conference was Thomas Jefferson, which has advanced to the state semifinals at this time. We caught up with Tim recently and asked him a few questions...


How is the Western Pennsylvania  football experience going so far?
Starting over is a lot of work but I have enjoyed the challenge. There are a lot of good players and teams out here.  We played a school named Trinity, where one linebacker is heading to Ohio State, one is headed to Penn State, and one is headed to Pitt.  We didn't run the ball very well that game.  Competition is just tough top to bottom. We are in the best AAA league with more kids and more schools so everyone is good. There are no automatic wins, no easy ones.

How would the best BK teams do your league?

I think the best teams in Idaho could compete with the best at the AAA level. To win the Western Pennsylvania championship you play fourteen games, and to win state you play two more for a total of sixteen games. I would take the best Bishop Kelly teams and be right there competing for a title. Thanksgiving weekend is when the WIPAL championship is. Thomas Jefferson from our league has been in the WIPAL finals four years in a row and this year will be five if they get there.

Has your playbook changed?

We did a lot of the same things.  We had a hard time running the ball and we were inexperience in the offensive line.  We did have two very good wide receivers so we tried to get them the ball. One has been offered by University of Buffalo and will get other offers from some MAC schools; the other is focusing on getting his grades up.  We did run the Immaculate Deception in the second game of the year and it went for about 60 yards. I was accused of bringing the BSU play book!

What is your teaching load, and how does it fit with the responsibility of head football coach?

I am teaching three social studies classes.  School starts a 7:30 and I am done teaching class at 10:10.  I am a transition coordinator.  A small poor district high school was closed by the state and we got about 130 of their kids, and I work with those students to help them in their transition.  It’s a challenge for me and I am enjoying it. The demographics are different here than at BK. Football fills the rest of my days and nights.

Have you had a chance to explore other football action in the area?

I’m taking a few players to the Bowling Green versus University of Buffalo game this weekend.  Been to a Pitt game, saw the Steelers beat the Seahawks 21 to nothing.  Maybe try to get to more NFL games. Planning to see AAA high school games, Montour (subject of MTV’s 2004 series with Dick Butkus as head coach) is 11-0 and in the semis, Thomas Jefferson is there too, of course, so there is a lot to see.

How is the lifestyle adjustment going?

Denise is doing well with her job (ceo of the Greater Pittsburgh Auto Dealers Association).  We both work long hours but we have enjoyed the adventure. Ryan will be back here after Thanksgiving and will finish school back here. Kaylyn is student teaching in Boise and will be looking for a job next year. We have purchased a nice home on two acres, deer and turkeys are in the yard often.

Any familiar faces in the bleachers at your games this past season?

A few. Rod Baxter and our nephews Timmy and Kevin. Ryan Bokan (’06) came over from Cleveland where he goes to school (Case Western). Neil McCarthy (legendary BK basketball coach) and his sons Kevin, Rob, and Dennis showed up at a game. Denise was at all the games of course. Ryan saw three games, Kaylyn saw one. Denise’s parents were here for our last game. We love BK and miss everyone. We need more visitors; we have room and a full fridge.

(West Mifflin Titans)

(Kaylyn, Tim, Denise and Ryan at Pittsburgh Auto Show gala)

(Tim and Ryan at Penn State)

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